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The right jugular vein is larger than the left as in other avian species and is a convenient site for venipuncture or placement of intravenous catheters (Figure 48 cialis professional 40mg. The brachial vein is inaccessible in the reduced wings of the cassowary and emu generic cialis professional 20mg amex, but is well developed in the large wings of the ostrich and can be easily accessed. The medial metatarsal vein is readily ac- cessible in sedated or immobilized adult ratites and in unsedated chicks. The medial metatarsal vein generally is not used in standing adults due to the potential for being kicked. The medial metatar- sal vein is a common preference for intravenous catheterization of chicks (Figure 48. Catheters should be secured in place using tissue adhesive followed by a light bandage. The can be collected from the oviduct of adult hens (see cross sectional view of the reproductive organ is also provided. Abdominocentesis can be performed on proctodeum 2) phallus 3) clitoris and 4) genital eminence (modified birds with clinical signs suggestive of intestinal tor- with permission from Murray Fowler19). A lubricated gloved finger is device for use for abdominocentesis in ratites (see used to expose the cranio-ventral aspect of the cloaca. The male ostrich chick has a phallus that is conical Oral medications are relatively simple to administer in cross section, contains a palpable core of fibroelas- by orogastric tube to chicks or tractable adults. Occa- tic tissue and is characterized by the presence of a sional feedings can be provided by placing an equine seminal groove. By comparison, the clitoris in the stomach tube directly into the proventriculus; how- hen is laterally compressed, soft and lacks the semi- ever, to perform gastric lavage or supply sustained nal groove. The clitoris of the adult female remains enteral nutrition, an equine stomach tube is passed approximately one to two centimeters in length (Fig- through an esophagostomy incision and is sutured ure 48. The tube is most easily placed by introduc- male is approximately three to five centimeters in ing it orally into the esophagus, making an incision length and is readily detected on the ventral wall of over the cranial end of the tube and retracting it back the cloaca by palpation. These birds (blebs) and contamination of the shell with are best managed by surgically removing sand and debris. The chick on the left is se- The skin has been removed from the abdo- verely edematous, which in other avian men of a three-day-old emu chick to better species can be caused by excessive humid- visualize the infected yolk sac. Volvulus of the The chick on the left has a distended abdo- small intestines was caused by rotation of men caused by the retention of an infected the yolk sac.

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Can be mixed with food or administered by Available as a tablet (5 mg) for oral administration or as an gavage buy cialis professional 20mg. Used as an anti-inflamma- assisting in the digestion of high-cellulose diets consumed by tory in cases of shock and trauma buy cialis professional 40mg on line. Also effective in reducing the effects of endotoxins re- One-fourth of a tablet may be mixed with water or hand feeding leased from the destruction of gram-negative bacteria. Used in combination with chloroquine Synthetic, non-depolarizing, neuro-muscular blocking agent used for the treatment of avian malaria (Plasmodium sp. Should not be used in small birds because of a high mg/ml) for oral administration. Has a peripheral anticholinergic, incidence of procaine overdose and death in these species. Should not be used in of 1 mg/kg has been associated with paralysis and death in some patients with gastrointestinal blockage. Therapy for lice is the primary indication for ulcerated mucosa from gastric acids and microbial pathogens. Lice frequently inhabit the axillary regions, and the wings Indicated in cases of gastrointestinal bleeding. Repeated use of sulfonamides can induce hypersensiti- plasmodium, toxoplasma and sarcocystis. Effective for the treatment of Haemoproteus; reproductive activity and for some cases of feather loss. May be however, this parasite is not currently considered to be pathogenic, useful in some cases of reproductive-associated feather picking and treatment is not recommended. Contraindi- of 50-150 mg/kg (five times the recommended dose) causes hepato- cated in cases of renal or liver disease. Five drops of the stock solution is added to one oz of drinking water and is mixed fresh daily. Available as a soluble powder, capsules (250 mg), suspension or solution (100 mg/ml) for oral administration.

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For field immobilization purchase cialis professional 40mg free shipping, one cup of hen out evoking any sign of pain from a conscious bird discount 40mg cialis professional amex. Animals should not be approached for 60 minutes af- ter feeding to ensure that they are adequately immobilized and will not fly to another location and die. Half of these losses may have been prevented with post-capture gastrolavage or tubing with fresh water to dilute and accelerate pas- sage of the drug. Alpha-chlo- ralose, methoxymol, metomidate, pentobarbital sodium, secobarbital sodium and thiopental sodium were all inferior to tribromoethanol. This technique should not be immobilization (100 mg/kg of body used for larger Anseriformes. Some small duck species can be restrained (bottom) by weight), the duration of induction folding the legs caudally and holding the wings and legs inone hand (1994 Busch Gardens Tampa. Halothane and methoxyflurane have also been used in waterfowl but are inferior to isoflu- rane. Many waterfowl species have profuse salivary secretions under anesthesia and may benefit from the use of an antisialogogue such as glycopyrrolate. This causes a 10 to 60% decrease in minute ventilation, probably due to visceral compression of the air sacs. Cardiac monitoring of anesthetized waterfowl can be done with a doppler flow probe placed under the tongue, against the carotid artery or on the ven- tral surface of the elbow on the recurrent ulnar ar- tery. Time of recovery from anesthesia is directly proportional to the amount of heat loss. They were intubated with 5 mm cuffed Local anesthesia is often sufficient for performing endotracheal tubes (uncuffed tubes are preferred in superficial procedures. Lidocaine hydrochloride (2%) birds) and maintained with 2 to 3% isoflurane or 2 to is one of the safest local anesthetics for waterfowl; 2. When anesthesia was discontinued, however, general depression can occur with high ducks received oxygen for two minutes prior to doses. Isoflurane induction was significantly Isoflurane anesthesia is convenient for performing shorter than halothane induction.

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